Masterpieces of Ballet Russes at Dubai Opera 16 - 18 Nov 2017

By olga Tuesday, 14 November 2017 4:53 PM

Masterpieces of Ballet Russes at Dubai Opera 16 - 18 Nov 2017

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Dubai Opera presents two masterpieces of the Ballet Russes, by multi-award winning Artistic Director and former Bolshoi Ballet star Andris Liepa.

Be swept away in a celebration of one of the world’s greatest-ever ballet ensembles, recreating performances of the legendary Sergei Diaghilev’s Chopiniana and The Firebird, in three incredible evenings.

Chopiniana is a dreamy, romantic ballet blanc that was born in St Petersburg in 1907 and moved to Paris in 1909 under the new name of Les Sylphides. “It defies an obvious single label – it’s a ballet of mood, a white ballet, a choreographic suite. It is pure, simple and requires no introduction or context.”

The Firebird tells a story of sorcery, freedom and immortality with music by Igor Stravinsky and choreography by Мikhail Fokine. It is based on a great variety of Russian fairy tales. Fokine, the author of libretto, was primarily attracted by the mysterious Firebird whose astonishing fiery flights are described in quite a few fairy tales. The first act opens with twilight and a tremendous horseman – the Night and leads into scenes of abduction and the triumph of beauty and boldness over evil.