Panerai Submersible Elux LAB-ID: a striking innovation in Mechanical Luminescence

By Olga_Gafurova Wednesday, 26 June 2024 11:44 AM

Panerai Submersible Elux LAB-ID: a striking innovation in Mechanical Luminescence

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Famous for its early innovations in the field of luminescence, such as the renowned Radiomir and Luminor compounds, Panerai always draws from its rich archives to explore sources of inspiration for new striking concept watches. In its relentless pursuit of innovation, Panerai identified Elux, a technology historically patented on June 15, 1966 as a result of years of diligent research, marking a significant leap forward in the field of luminescence. An abbreviation of ‘elettroluminescenza’ to mean electroluminescence, Elux were originally electroluminescent panels composed of uniformly luminous surfaces available in various sizes, shapes and materials with their luminescence constantly maintained by an electric field. These panels, completely free from radioactive substances, were exceptionally durable, being both shock and vibration-resistant, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, they were energy-efficient, powered by both portable batteries and fixed AC supply, and the intensity of the light could be adjusted as needed. This combination of features made these panels versatile, robust and adaptable to different environments and requirements. Elux Panerai was a significant instrument for the Italian Navy, where the demand for reliable and efficient lighting was paramount. These panels were specifically designed to enhance the luminescence of naval instruments. Their use was particularly prominent in crucial areas such as command centers and internal signaling boards on ships. As a reliable and efficient light source, it allowed for easy reading of instrument displays under various conditions, including low-light scenarios. One notable development was their utilization in creating luminous pathways and signage for helicopter landing on the decks of military ships in the Italian Navy to assist with night landings or in poor visibility conditions.

Panerai’s signature luminescence finds a new expression through the sophisticated engineering of its fully mechanical Submersible Elux LAB-ID Panerai’s Laboratorio di Idee carries on the essence of the historic family-owned Officine Panerai workshop through its continuous search for innovative technical solutions to elevate the standards and performance of its creations. Serving as a creative incubator, the lab drives innovation with its disruptive approach introducing never-before-seen inventions. Central to their creations is the Maison’s DNA of legibility in darkness and luminescence, as well as durability, consistently featured across all their concept watches and instruments. From 2017 Panerai presented three concept watches, starting with the LAB-ID™ Luminor Carbotech™ PAM700, distinguished by a deep black dial covered with carbon nanotubes, specifically developed to absorb light and reduce reflection to a minimum, forming a spectacular contrast with the blue of the hour markers and hands. Not to mention the lubrication-free movement guaranteed for 50 years. In 2020, LAB-ID™ Luminor PAM01700 surprised with a new generation of SuperLuminova®, the SuperLuminova® X1, and in 2021, with the Submersible eLAB-ID™ PAM1225.

Building on this legacy, the new Submersible Elux LAB-ID PAM01800 is the culmination of a journey that draws from the historic patented Elux Panerai invention and a perfect expression of the purpose of the Laboratorio di Idee. Reflecting eight years of dedicated Research&Development at Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel, the new timepiece represents an actualized mission that exemplifies the Maison’s historic expertise in luminescence with its renowned mechanical watchmaking – the creation of a fully mechanical movement, that can power light on demand. PAM01800 is a watchmaking feat with four patent* system, 50 bar (~500 meters) water resistance and a 30-minute power light feature, all encapsulated in a 49mm case diameter. On-demand lighting powered by fully mechanical energy storage, a breakthrough innovation. With a simple gesture of opening the patented pusher-protector system and activating the mechanism through the pusher, the watch illuminates through a mechanism conceived by the Panerai Laboratorio di Idee. This feat is achieved through an innovative arrangement of four dedicated energy-storing barrels – out of six available in the movement – precisely engineered to unwind in a microgenerator that converts mechanical energy into electricity. The compact 8 x 2.3 mm microgenerator features custom-made coils, magnets and a stator and, to optimize energy efficiency, it incorporates no active electronics, a high-speed rotor operating at 80 revolutions per second, and generates a high-frequency electrical signal of 240 Hz.