Such a lovely spring Frivole by Van Cleef & Arpels

By egor Wednesday, 28 February 2018 4:12 PM

Such a lovely spring Frivole by Van Cleef & Arpels

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Van Cleef & Arpels will celebrate the coming of spring with a bloom of graphic flowers. Nine brand new creations in yellow gold seem to quiver in the breeze, enriching the Frivole™ collection with their combination of miniature motifs and generous flowers, mirror polishing and dazzling paved surfaces. The shimmering radiance of their corollas illuminates the skin, in homage to a season that the Maison holds dear. This year, the Frivole collection takes on a new feminine aesthetic, with an association of three miniature motifs. Recognizable for their heart-shaped petals, the floral bouquets adorn the neck and face with delicate overtones. These new creations pay tribute to the vitality of nature and its random character, here reflected in the composition of the designs. Inspired by the central motif of the 8-flower Frivole ring, the 3-flower aesthetic creates an impression of delicacy and lightness, magnified by characteristic attention to detail. From a heart-shaped ear clip system to setting that highlights the sparkle of diamonds, the art of jewelers and stone-setters finds elegant expression within the Frivole collection.

The Maison is introducing one of its cherished traditions to the Frivole collection: transformable jewels. In a brand new format, the Frivole motif lends itself to a play of metamorphosis to become a clip or a pendant. The generous dimensions of this
clip pendant emphasize the petals’ mirror polishing, and enable three diamonds to nestle at the heart of this blossoming flower. Sparkling with light, the motif ’s petals provide an illustration of the traditional mirror polishing technique. It offers a means of accentuating the radiance of the gold, thus creating particularly intense reflections. The surfaces gain in life and brilliance thanks to extremely delicate polishing, which highlights their architectural volumes along with the orientation of each petal.

Created in 2017, the Frivole mini model creations are this year adorned with diamonds, blending with yellow gold in a precious sparkle. Magnifying the graphic quality of the corollas, the diamonds are selected by the Maison’s experts according
to the most stringent criteria (D to F, IF to VVS): their purity offers a dazzling accompaniment to the delicacy of the miniature motifs. The brilliance of the creations is also accentuated using openwork, whereby the jeweler pierces the gold structure to enable light to pass through the diamonds. Different jewelry techniques combine with extreme attention to detail to embellish the Frivole creations.

One of Van Cleef & Arpels’ key sources of inspiration, nature endows its creations with poetry and vitality. From the diamond clips of the 1920s to contemporary jewelry pieces, floral motifs have always been at the heart of Van Cleef & Arpels’ creativity. Enthralled by the constant metamorphoses of flora, the Maison transposes its myriad nuances and forms, crystallizing the lightness of clover or a peony’s generous bloom. In an eternal and bejeweled spring, poppies join daisies, sprigs of lily-of-the-valley and cherry blossom, all transformed into jewels by the Mains d’Or™ at the workshops in Place Vendôme. Enriching Van Cleef & Arpels’ poetic garden, the Frivole collection perpetuates a creative tradition dedicated to beauty.