Vilebrequin Cruise 2020

By Olga_Gafurova Sunday, 26 January 2020 6:46 PM

Vilebrequin Cruise 2020

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Admit it, you were dreaming of it, in this dreary, wintery gloom. Swapping the underground platform for the deck of a boat, your alarm clock for the soft lull of the waves, the cold for the heat… Well, so be it. If anyone can take you on a cruise this season, Vilebrequin can. Climb aboard the brand new Vilebrequin Cruise Lines. Introducing a brand-new wardrobe of seafaring essentials, perfect for starting the new year in warmer climes.

Your first port of call: swimwear. With tops and accessories to mix or match, bold colors evoke exotic fruits, turquoise waters, florals from overgrown jungles… You’ll be miles from home before you’ve even set sail.

From the ocean depths to the first-class cabins, a well-tailored suit is always your best bet. Even the lobsters and octopuses are on board with them. Draped one-pieces will leave you feeling equally elegant, mesdames. Timeless. Ultra-feminine.

Under sunlight or moonlight, iridescent fabrics, lurex knits and precious embroidered swimsuits inject glamour and sparkle into party season.  Expect fireworks. Speaking of which… Our Valentine’s edition will add a pinch of romance to your new-year escapades à deux.

Vilebrequin Cruise Lines are committed to sustainable travel. This starts with the swimsuit you choose. Many of the styles from this collection now come in eco-friendly fabrics. For exceptional moments, with zero compromises.

No need for a large suitcase, all you need is sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen... Vilebrequin will take care of the swimsuits. Picture yourself lounging on a deckchair gazing at the blue horizon. Taking a break, feeling the sea breeze caress your skin, and the cool water refresh your body. Going crabbing, sunbathing on desert islands, dancing the night away and sipping delicious cocktails!

Vilebrequin has always cultivated a spirit of refinement and fantasy, staying true to the casual charm the house was founded on in St-Tropez over 40 years ago. Perfectly tailored and always in style, Vilebrequin swimsuits have been a natural choice for generations of fathers and sons. Today, Vilebrequin continues to celebrate the art of living in the sun with a new women’s line including swimwear, ready-to-wear and accessories, always with the same ambition: making summer last all year long. Since 2015, Vilebrequin has proudly supported non-profit organization Te ana o te moana in protecting the future of sea turtle – symbol of the brand for many years.