Up, up and over the desert!

By admin Tuesday, 02 October 2012 8:00 PM

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Up, up and over the desert!


Ballooning offers an exciting way to literally experience the heights of UAE. And rising up to the stratosphere, the land presents yet another exciting perspective of a nation which rose from the sands of the desert. And so we decided to leave behind the city’s swanky shopping venues and iconic luxury hotels, its traffic-clogged roads and its style-conscious multitude to experience the rarefied atmosphere which offers an exalted viewpoint of its own. And we came away convinced that it was an experience we would love to opt for just anytime…

Early morning ... The sun slowly rises over the sand dunes and mountain range in the distance, and the coolness of the night had not yet had time to fully dissolve in the hot rays of the ... This is the time - the best to bob high up in the air in a balloon. This tour is breathtaking - you can see how the golden sands are interspersed with mountains and trees, and the Arabian gazelle and camels feel at ease in the wilderness, without fear of man. And the camera-crazy can take pictures that all their friends would envy.


The starting point of your great balloon adventure is the desert oasis located in the north of Al Ain, which is about an hour away from Dubai. But do not be concerned about how to get there. When booking a flight from the sole licensed operator of Balloon Adventures Emirates, the cost is included in your transfer from any Dubai hotel. Coming here, you will be met by the crew, led by pilot Peter Kollar for leisurely and efficient work. There are 15-20 minutes, almost in the dark to gather to prepare the balloon for takeoff. The process is fascinating and mesmerizing.


With a roar the burner produces a long tongue transparent flame, the air flows and shakes from the heat flooding the dome which sways and appears to almost breathe as it grows in size.


A silence falls as the balloon takes off for the sight is truly unforgettable. The rising sun sprays a million shades across the sky making the desert come alive and you feel you’re   leaving behind all your worries with every level you rise up. You then sense that your perspective of life has undergone a huge shift and its not so unbearable after all.


Soaring to the clouds, which can literally touch it, you feel as if on a magic carpet, flying over the huge red sand, emerald green oases, graceful gazelles and wandering camels. Balloon smoothly changes the height, each time discovering new beauty view landscape: soft golden hills, stretching to the horizon, replace burnt red sand dunes. And in the distance you spot the cragged Hajar mountain range. The flight takes about an hour. Do not forget to take along a hat as the flame from the gas burner can be quite hot.


After landing for breakfast with soft drinks, in the meantime your pilot Peter Kollar will prepare your individual flight certificate, a proud memento of your ascent into the heights.