The art exhibiton of young Azerbaijan artists will be held in Dubai

By Aliheydar_Rzayev Monday, 22 October 2018 12:51 PM

The art exhibiton of young Azerbaijan artists will be held in Dubai

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The Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to UAE , The Consulate General of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Dubai and the Social and Psychological Rehabilitation Centre of the Youth – “Dirchelish” organize the art exhibiton of young Azerbaijan artists in Dubai. The opening ceremony of the exhibition will be on the 31st of October, 2018 at Art Hub Gallery in Dubai Design District. The exhibition will run till November 4. 

The NGO “Dirchelish” is operating in Azerbaijan since 1999 and it is a nongovernmental, noncommercial and nonpolitical youth organization that seeks to protect the rights of young people with disadvantaged background in Azerbaijan. It focuses on assisting young people with disabilities especially those coming from disadvantaged families and those who live in underdeveloped areas of Azerbaijan.

The “Dirchelish” Centre has implemented more than 100 youth projects in Azerbaijan and cooperate with the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. More than 17 exhibitions were held in Europe, nearly 300 Azerbaijani young artists participated in these exhibitions and about 1500 art works were exhibited.

At the exhibition in Dubai  will participate 25 Azerbaijani young and talanted artists and around 80 paintings will be exhibited. The famous artist of Azerbaijan Sakit Mammadov will be the honor guest of the exhibition.  

This event  in Dubai will be a continuation of the previous exhibitions which were held in:

Sofia, Bulgaria, 11-18 September 2010

Brussels, Belgium , 24 – 31 March 2011

Vienna, Austria, 5-12 February 2012

Paris, France, 23-30 March 2012

Rome, Italy,  29 May – 05 June 2012

UK, 17-24 March 2013

Brussels, Belgium, 16-23 June 2013

Milan, Italy,  22-29 November 2013

Budapest, Hungary,  13-19 May 2014

Bern, Swiss Confederation, 13-20 October 2014

Waterloo, Belgium, 21 January – 20 February 2015

Prague, Czech Republic,  4-11 May 2015

Warsaw, of the Republic of Poland,  20-27 May 2016

Brussels, Belgium, 20 – 26 June 2017

Luxembourg – City,  27 – 29 June 2017

Strasbourg, France,  27 May – 3 June 2018

Paris, France, 3 – 10 July 2018

The aim of the exhibition is an introducing the culture of Azerbaijan worldwide and developing intercultural dialogue by virtue of cultural activity.