Men's summer 2016

By egor Wednesday, 11 May 2016 3:21 PM

Men's summer 2016

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Despite their simple nature, shorts can still go very wrong. No longer one-type-suits-all, shorts come in a slew of styles, in differing lengths and various fabrics, making them occasion-appropriate for certain functions where a little relaxation is in order. From beach holidays to weekend getaways, summer garden parties to lounging around the home, the short needs just as much attention and planning as one would give their suit. Taking out the difficulties, we’ve compiled a complete guide on shorts.

Design houses like Prada and Gucci brought back short shorts in a range of colours and prints. Particularly great for spring/summer weather, keep short shorts bright with colours like blue, green and yellow for beach days or interpret this trend with more tailored styles in an array of subtle, darker colours for versatility with simple button down shirts.

Shorts are a casual piece of menswear – no arguments. You wear them because of the heat in summer, for comfort and as break from the restraints of trousers. Plus, they are offer a playful look to an otherwise ‘standard’ outfit. The big rule regarding shorts: they must not be worn in a corporate setting or in a formal environment (think weddings, funerals, formals and black tie).

As a general rule, shorts should be short enough so the knees are visible, but long enough that you’re not flashing a horrid tan line from last summer. Shorts that do come up to mid-thigh should be limited to athletic body types, confident of having the pins to pull them off. This excludes swim shorts and retro-inspired casual pairs, which need a little shorter length to give-off those Seventies-vintage vibes. Final rule: never go past the knee (ever).

Baggier silhouettes should be kept to certain versions of swim shorts and sportsluxe types, which get their urban, lounge-y attitude from appearing a touch oversized. Dressier shorts, like the Bermuda, are a classic style that need a close fit the leg and crotch (the seat) and follow tapered down toward the knee.

The recent menswear Spring/Summer 2016 collections referenced a nod to mechanic-like overalls, showcasing them in dark blacks, cool toned denims and dusky greens. Keep denim overalls low-key with a white tee and a simple trainer or maximise the overall aesthetic of a black pair by keeping all other clothing darker, a la Alexander Wang.