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  • Explore a ‘1001 Arabian Nights’ this Ramadan with Bab Al Shams

    The countdown to the holy month has begun and all Ramadan enthusiasts planning their gatherings ahead, are invited to Al Hadheerah outdoor desert restaurant, transformed to a luxurious fully air-conditioned tent at the award-winning Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, to explore a ‘1001...

  • The Sicilia Italian restaurant launches new menu

    Chef Raffaele relives Ibn Battuta’s journey through Mediterranean Europe with Italian sundried fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs and succulent seafood

  • Scape Saturday Brunch at Burj Al Arab starting from AED 495

    Indulge in a blend of Latin American, Asian and Mediterranean flavours as you relish the unique Californian-style cuisine at Scape, our ocean-front restaurant. Perched on the Burj Al Arab Terrace and extending over the Arabian Gulf, this vibrant and chic venue presents a range of gourmet style...

Last Updated: Thu, May 24 2018 | 12:42 am | Dubai, United Arab Emirates