Stefano Ricci

By egor Tuesday, 11 July 2017 9:56 AM

Stefano Ricci

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Sense of style that makes Stefano Ricci a summa of tailoring and tradition, with research and experimentation which never compromises the Made in Italy. A collector’s wardrobe displayed at the renowned Stibbert Museum in Florence, with outfits that recount a personal story created within a culture of elegance, with an attention to choice details and an absorption in materials and colours. 

A collector’s wardrobe, the Stefano Ricci Fall-Winter 2017-18 is a personal collection created through a cultivation of elegance, an attention to detail, and a meticulous care in combining materials and colours. It is a triumph of geometries, enhanced by the features of the iconic Africa design. Formalwear, both contemporary and yet sartorial, trousers that are both fitted and dynamic, jackets and gilets both classic and deconstructed, as if the solid armour of the past were moulded into a new life, becoming a modern interpretation of softness and masculinity. The Stefano Ricci man is a collector, who searches for a taste of true refinement found within every masterpiece in his wardrobe. This two button jacket in exclusive cashmere and silk is both contemporary and yet sartorial. The fine-spun polo in cashmere completes this indispensable outfit. The traditional field jacket inspired by the celebrated Africa motif is a refined example of SR’s distinguished craftsmanship. A bold must-have outfit exalted by the handmade duffle bag in calfskin leather. A combination of style and functionality is reflected in the down sport jacket made of exclusive SR technical fabric, and in the knit blouson with eagle embroidery. The knit trousers provide a new dynamic take on this contemporary look. A classic two button suit, enriched by the casual topcoat in cashmere, represents the quintessence of the Stefano Ricci man’s charm. Details of innate sophistication are found in the SR iconic Italian Tuxedo made in 100% exclusive SR wool with satin details. The silk bow tie is the essential element of this iconic masterpiece.