CÉ LA VI Dubai unveils Exquisite New Sushi and Robata Menu

By admin Monday, 12 June 2023 6:12 PM

 CÉ LA VI Dubai unveils Exquisite New Sushi and Robata Menu

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CÉ LA VI Dubai, a distinguished culinary hotspot that has been selected by the prestigious MICHELIN Guide for both 2022 and 2023, is thrilled to unveil 

the launch of our newest menu addition – an exceptional sushi and robata dining experience. Set to captivate food enthusiasts and sushi lovers, this venture aims to redefine the culinary landscape by offering a unique fusion of flavours and artistry.

Our team of expert chefs, led by Chef Howard Ko, has meticulously crafted a menu that showcases the finest selection of sushiand robata dishes. With a focus on high-quality ingredients and innovative techniques, each dish presents an exquisite blend of traditional Asian flavorus with contemporary culinary twists.

Chef Howard Ko has skillfully crafted a delectable new menu that embraces a unique perspective by incorporating French influences and harmonizing flavours that will awaken all the senses. He says, ‘Each culinary creation presents a distinctive element, delivering incredible flavours that captivate the palate and indulge all the senses. For instance our exquisite nigiri combines the richness of A5 Wagyu with the boldness of wasabi béarnaise, and our prawn tempura rolls are complemented by a refreshing celery root and green apple remoulade creating a memorable finish in every bite.’


Discover the extraordinary offerings of our new menu, featuring an enticing selection of four distinctive sushi platters, including one vegetarian platter alongside a diverse range of robata delights including:




CÉ LA VI Dubai Sushi Platters starting from AED 195