Invest in your sleeping products this DSF

By Aliheydar_Rzayev Wednesday, 26 December 2018 3:58 PM

Invest in your sleeping products this DSF

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King Koil, one of the leading mattress brands in the region, presents incredible savings of 45% discount across its range of premium sleeping products during the 2019 Dubai Shopping Festival, happening from 26 December 2018 to 2 February 2019.

Engineered to provide the soundest of sleep for a refreshed and rejuvenated body and mind, King Koil’s sleeping solutions use natural and high-quality materials combined with innovative technologies to enhance a healthy sleep.

During DSF, proceed to any King Koil showrooms in UAE and select a mattress of your choice along with other bedding accessories such as pillows, duvet, mattress covers, headboards and many more.

Customers can also test and experience the new mattress grades recently launched by the brand such as the Eco Rest Mattress which uses horsehair proven to have great hypoallergenic properties and raw natural cotton padding that adds extra naturalist element to the mattress. The Aero Plush mattress is equipped with Smart Cushion Aero System technology that enhances air flow and provides a buoyant sleep surface to provide the ultimate sleep experience.

King Koil also unveiled four new pillows called Chirapsia Dual Comfort Microfiber, Chirapsia Ortho, Ring Contour and the Dual Comfort Deluxe Goose Down pillows.

The existing collection of the mattress features the company’s newly ISCO Foam Gel Laminate technology developed specifically for the sleeping industry. The mattresses will tout Bio Cool Body Balance technology which helps to provide a cooler surface for sleeping and also relieves stress and rejuvenates body’s natural biorhythm.

The other unique mattress technologies include ifusion that helps in maintaining optimal temperature sleeping surface while conforming every curve of the human body, Advanced Pressure Support System provides proper spinal alignment reducing the tossing and turning. Free from harmful chemicals and toxins, King Koil mattresses are crafted from the most durable cotton and its high resilient foam helps in minimizing motion transfer.