Ramadan countdown has begun at Sheraton Abu Dhabi

By admin Thursday, 28 May 2015 11:08 AM

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1000 kilos of meat ordered to serve over 5000 Iftar guests

As the holy month is fast approaching, the countdown to Ramadan has officially begun at Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort. The popular city centre hotel is expecting to host over 5000 guests for Iftar and suhoor during this very special time.  Offering a unique blend of five-star hospitality and Arabian elegance, the hotel’s buffet restaurant, Flavours and Arzanah ballroom will be welcoming diners with traditional Arabic flavours.

Abu Dhabi’s celebrated gathering place

An iconic part of the capital’s cityscape since 1979, Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort has forged a deep emotional connection with various generations of Abu Dhabi residents. It serves as Abu Dhabi’s gathering place especially during Ramadan when friends and families come together here after sunset and prayers.  

“Having opened our doors over 35 years ago, we pride ourselves on deep-rooted ties to this community. Abu Dhabi families have celebrated countless special occasions such as weddings, reunions, engagements and indeed Iftar gatherings in our restaurants. In family albums all over the city, there are photos that document happy memories with Sheraton Abu Dhabi providing the backdrop – including my own family.” – says Martin Cramer, general manager who worked at the hotel in the early ’90 before returning to Abu Dhabi again two years ago.

Preparations underway

Leading the hotel’s Ramadan preparations is specialty chef, Mustafa Al Mulla who is overseeing Sheraton Abu Dhabi’s Arabic cuisine. Chef Mustafa and his team are expecting to serve approximately 1000 kilos of meat and 200 kg of rice to over 5000 guests for Iftar and suhoor during Ramadan’s 4-week period.

As these weeks are the busiest in Chef Mustafa’s annual calendar, he does not really get the chance to see his loved ones during the holy month. Despite fasting during daylight hours, Chef Mustafa does not slow down. “I am in the kitchen 12-14 hours a day to ensure that we are ready to welcome our guests for Iftar and suhoor. It is in the spirit of Ramadan to look after others so I am delighted to cook my favourite dishes for our customers.”

Those who are looking for a welcoming place to savour delicious food after sunset; Chef Mustafa has plenty of culinary treats in store.  “Following traditions, there will be ouzi, dawood basha and my favourite dish, shakriya on offer as well as delightful desserts like knafeh, qatayef and znoud el sit. For those who wish to eat something fresh and healthy, I recommend my kusa salad with mint.”

Iftar & suhoor offering

Flavours restaurant provides the perfect setting to guests to break their fast during Ramadan. Iftar buffet: AED 159++ per person. 6 - 12 years old children: 50% off. Children under 6: free of charge. (Price is subject to 16% service charge & tourism fee.) Guests who book for a minimum of 20 guests will receive 15% discount.

Bravo restaurant will be serving suhoor every night during Ramadan from 9pm. Arzanah ballroom is welcoming larger groups for Iftar with menus starting from AED 140 net per person. For more information, please call 02 677 3333