Supercharge All Day with Wild & The Moon Superfoods

By Huiming_Shi Monday, 13 April 2020 1:40 AM

Supercharge All Day with Wild & The Moon Superfoods

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It’s an understatement that eating healthy is essential to achieve overall good health and well-being. Good nutrition not only has countless benefits but is also very important to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce risk to various kinds of ailments. However, how often do we find ourselves in the hunt to find a place that serves it all? And currently – a place that serves it all, in the comfort of your home? Enter Wild & The Moon! A café that offers 100% plant-based and organic meals, drinks, and a wide variety of healthy products such as pressed juices, nutmylks, super-bowls and snacks that are absolutely good for you, good for the planet, and above all: delicious – delivered right to your doorstep! 

Wild & The Moon also offers their very own range of Superfoods, available for delivery! Formulated and created to supercharge your meals and drinks, Wild & The Moon sources the highest available quality of superfoods. All are organic, raw, vegan and gluten-free, leaving the ingredients as natural and untouched as possible, to preserve all its goodness while promoting a sustainable agriculture. The range includes plants, roots, berries, algae and mushrooms, and has been designed to reinforce the immune system, knock out the feelings of fatigue and remove harmful toxins from the body. Wild & The Moon offers these superfoods that you can have around the clock, each with its own health benefits.


Your superfood Daily routine

Start your morning with a pinch of Reishi in your hot drink. Reishi is the immuno-modulator, or our immune system’s best ally. It can both strengthen a deficient immune system or temper the actions of an overly active one. Wild tip: take Reishi as a regular supplement to prevent all types of illnesses. The Guarana is also perfect to begin your day as it is a hyper-healthy stimulant. This berry has powerful energizing and revitalizing properties which also boosts mental and physical reflexes, intellectual concentration, physical strength, and lowers the level of fatigue! Wild tip: with its already high caffeine content, add a teaspoon to your favorite non-caffeinated drinks. Don’t forget that breakfast is an important meal of the day, so make sure to include the right amount of good fats and nuts to this mix!

For that afternoon salad of plant-based proteins and lentils, drop in 1 or 2 spoons of Acai which is nutrient-dense and loaded with needed antioxidants. Compliment that healthy lunch with some Black Lemonade for that added detox benefit! One can also opt for the Matcha Nutmylk or the Chia Matcha rich in natural antioxidants, ideal for that mid-day meal to help boost metabolism, detoxify naturally, and even enhance the mood. On coffee breaks, the Mushroom Coffee Mix is perfect for a balanced immune system stimulation!

To end your day, add some Moringa to your light dinner, a soup or a gluten-free focaccia. Powered with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects, Moringa is high in Vitamin C and works towards reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The highly recommended Maca can also be sprinkled on late-night bites to support the immune system and help your metabolism adapt to stress. Then, Chaga can be consumed with your after-hours drink, supporting your system to help lower the blood pressure and slow the aging process.

There are also additional Superfoods that can be consumed during the day and strengthen the immune system. Spirulineis extremely rich in antioxidants and contains the eight amino acids that must imperatively be supplied to our body. This micro-algae reinforces the immune system, purifies the blood, gives us strength and endurance. Baobab is also rich in vitamin C, seven times more than an orange, and Vitamins B and A. It is also a source of minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and manganese and fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Acerola contains little treasures of Vitamin C and antioxidants, which are suggested to be taken as two capsules per day to build up immunity.

Above all, eating right and healthy helps contribute to the body’s ability to stay strong. While it is important to have a good diet and consume the right food, it is also equally imperative to stay active and supplement this lifestyle with nutrients to achieve the best version of physical and mental well-being.

Wild & The Moon products are now available to order via Whatsapp! Just say “Hi” and send it to 971 56 667 0233 and you will receive the menu in a click! They are also available through their website and their delivery partners: Deliveroo, Zomato, Uber Eats, and the new FoodKarma app that helps rescue food to reduce food wastage and save the planet too!