Fall favourites for men

By admin Tuesday, 04 November 2014 8:00 PM

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It’s the majority and not the minority that we always talk about. So here we go. What dominates men’s fashion for Fall 2014 are designs imbued by a muted colour palette with plenty of options to brave the chill outdoors (or indoors too at times)

First in the list are puffy jackets and quilted coats. They are best paired with slim fit pants or jeans (or if you can get away with it, even sweat pants) in order to balance out the look. Otherwise, it would turn out to be a battle of the bulge or bulges. Just make sure to never, ever, wear one over a sharp suit or it would be a case of sheer faux pas.

One ever popular trend most of us eagerly await to shrug on is of course a shearling-lined coat that takes inspiration from classic bombardier pilot jackets from WW II. Featuring large collars lavished thick with wool or fur and extremely roomy at that, with large pockets to snuggle your hands in, they define rugged manliness. Just perfect too, for that mountain hideout tucked away, in your home country or imagination. Whatever (rather, wherever).

Flannel is the fave choice of several designers like Marc by Marc Jacobs and McQ Alexander McQueen. It not only keeps you warm but as the fabric comes in bright checks it’s a mood uplifter during grey weather. Shirts, outerwear and accessories like scarves too come crafted in flannel so you have plenty to choose from. In fact shirts are great with a well cut leather jacket and those smart boots you have set aside somewhere.

And while you’re at it, make sure to grab a boxy, duffel bag such as a daring red one from Mulberry. (So look out ladies you now have competition!) They come in a variety of materials but the ones in leather are sure to last.

Forget dull or dreary coloured sweaters and instead go for eye-catching bright, patterned ones for some ‘knit-attention.’ Layering them with a turtle neck or collared shirt will get you points too, just remember. And talking of turtlenecks (which come in plenty of great designs btw), they can also be teamed with a blazer or a bomber jacket to effortlessly ‘up’ that man factor.