Versace’s Flash Collection

By Olga_Gafurova Thursday, 11 February 2021 6:07 PM

Versace’s Flash Collection

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Bold and daring, the collection draws inspiration from the attitude of young musicians, pursuing their art with relentless dedication. Rebelling to disrupt the status quo. Being adventurous with their style. A new print, Medusa Amplified, references vinyl records with its rotating gorgon heads. Leopard and python patterns are doused in rock-n-roll colorways and placed on unexpected fabrics. Black designs add mystique to lineup. Moody, dark, immersive and seductive. They bring confidence to the day and elegance to the night.

Who do you ask if you want to know what’s desirable in 2020? The paparazzi. Jewelry-like rings adorn ready-to-wear styles, revealing flashes of bare skin or base layers beneath. Inspired by the circular shape of long-lens cameras, they symbolize a photographer’s ability to zoom in on the most coveted aspects of pop culture. The theme travels to accessories, with the introduction of Medusa Aeternitas, a new bag style suspended from a circular bangle. Future-looking Jerseys and sweaters are made from sustainable fibers and dyes as part of our commitment to taking greener steps as a brand.

Structure and geometry are key themes of the collection. Tailoring undergoes a modern overhaul with cool cuts in a spectrum of shades.

It’s refined yet supremely wearable. For womenswear a new shoulder, the “Scatola”, is introduced. It’s broad and deliberately boxy, referencing the sharp, rectangular shapes provided by skyscrapers in the new business district of Milan – as seen from the Versace HQ windows. The new shapes and silhouettes embody the constant evolution of the city, its reinvention and quest for regeneration.