Western Furniture introduces the new Calligaris collection

By Aliheydar_Rzayev Wednesday, 18 July 2018 12:21 PM

Western Furniture introduces the new Calligaris collection

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Upscale furniture retailer, Western Furniture is showcasing the new collection of designer furniture brand ‘Calligaris’ in its stores across the UAE. Celebrating 95 years in the business, founded on an ongoing commitment to quality and innovation, the enormous collection for 2018 caters to the different lifestyles of the modern world.

The collection inspired by the traditional & modern design and known for premium quality furniture includes padded chairs and armchairs, dining tables and coffee tables, desk, sofas and a variety of furnishing accessories, including a rich selection of mirrors, rugs, sideboards, and much more for residential use.

The new collection designed keeping functionality and aesthetic appeal resonates a unique understanding of style and quality. Products such as mirrors will help create the illusion of greater space and creates a striking decorative effect, lighting fixtures will help set the ambience of the room, rugs will add warmth and texture to a room and attractive pots and pitchers can be used as a wonderful accessory for home furnishing. Clocks can be used as a statement piece in their own right.

The range of sofa introduced with this collection matches well with contemporary trends favouring light, minimal and most of all, multipurpose furniture keeping the beauty and comfort feature intact.

Special furniture called the LAB extending table with electric opening system, which is a major step forward in the brand’s journey to incorporate smart furniture in its portfolio of products with technological research and innovation has also been launched.

Ms. Gayatri Dongre, Senior General Manager, Western Furniture, commented “Home accents and furnishings are just as equally important as paint on the walls and flooring. The new collection by Calligaris is designed to completely change the look of a room while still reflecting your personal tastes and capturing something of who you are or aspire to be making it unique, inviting and comfortable for you and your family. Also, with the advent of technology in each and every aspect of our modern lives, “furniture with superpowers or smart furniture”, will help us to unlock the potential of space and spaces to adapt to us instead of the humans adapting to spaces.”

Visit showroom to look at the latest products by Calligaris. For more information and details, visit the website www.westernfurniture.ae, or call +971 4 3377152 or +971 2 6444048.